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(Archive) Embassy of Mobility

Creating liveable cities together, that is what the Embassy of Mobility stands for.

This project was part of DDW 2023
BOSK - Arcadia — © Richard Winkelmeijer & Floris Leeuwenberg

What does our city look like without cars in front of the door? And what do we get in place of them? More greenery? More homes? Places to get together and relax? We will explore these questions together and experiment with possible solutions.

People first

In the coming years, Dutch Design Week (DDW) will be the living lab for the Embassy of Mobility. During DDW, we show how makers work together to make the mobility transition tangible and understandable. In a living setting, we research and present new proposals that visitors can test in the complexity of real life and daily practice. Visitors will do this by, among other things, literally moving between the various locations.

Innovations on an organisational and/or social level are more often decisive than technical ingenuity. The innovation must fit the context. That is why we are going to talk to policymakers, scientists, professionals at companies, residents, travellers and DDW visitors. Together we can explore the new values ​​created by redesigning public space. This requires a long-term perspective and a drive to experiment, principles we embrace as the Embassy of Mobility.

In addition, we assume that it is precisely creative makership that helps to improve the quality of life in cities further. We also focus on the quality of life and the happiness of the future generation in order to make the necessary mobility transition a reality. That is the key to real change.

What happens if we facilitate the makership of citizens? What initiatives will they create for their own living environment? How does this strengthen the sense of joint responsibility for a liveable society? What if civil servants use their creative power to develop good commissioning practices? On which human values do we base our quality of life designs? Can companies and industries develop services and products that contribute to a liveable city? What role does the Embassy play in this? As an Embassy, ​​we are curious about how to strengthen collaboration between creative makers and mobility professionals. There are many roads to walk, which we would like to discover together with you.

Join us on a journey of discovery into new behaviours and relationships that contribute to more liveable cities where the happiness of future generations is front and centre. The destination, and indeed the moment we’ll reach it, is unknown. But by following the right course with the power of makers and a keen eye, we’ll be able to recognise the quality and unforeseen created value when it presents itself. We are looking for as many travel companions as possible.