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Don't end me here, take me there, and let me evolve to a whole new level

This project was part of DDW 2023

A curated space set up as a total experience. Enhancing the space and its forms with unique collectibles and a special scenography.
 A mini district with a maximalistic surreal feel of curious objects and designs telling stories.
 Placemaking this empty NS space at DDW23 as nomad gallery.

Curiosity sets things in motion

MESSMERIZING is a contemporary exhibition, blurring boundaries between design & experience art by objects that create curiosity
MESSMERIZING is minidistrict to wonder about while sparking joy
MESSMERIZING is a project by Sandra Keja Planken & Job Keja
MESSMERIZING started in 2022 as a pop up and continues in 2023 as a new design experience
MESSMERIZING operates as a nomadic gallery for the long run

About the concept: Curiosity sets things in motion. The whole reason we can look forward, create, invent & do is set on a base of childlike curiosity "the art of looking". With this concept show the importance of curiosity in all we do, design and create. Then, now and for the future to come. We give the visitors an invitation to go back to their own curiosity. What is created and why? What materials are used and why? What is the story behind it? And let visitors wonder around free to create their own interpretation. Let it spark joy, curiosity and mesmerize while thinking of then and the future.

About the participants: with crossovers between design, art, graphic, 3D and fashion we go to show past, present and future can intertwine in stage of Autotaalglas and Keim paint.


With 1250 m2 we are setting up a different experience than last year. Showing a top floor with enlarged scaled objects between a curated scenography. And a 1st floor with combined sets. For visitors to travel from large scaled installations to functional usable objects.
Lucas Zito, Stijn van Aardenne, Pepe Valenti, Anna Resei, Mean Collection, Sofie Aaldering, Gina Grünwald, Douwe Halbertsma, Rutger de Regt, Sandra Keja Planken, Hanne Arends, Victor de Bie, Kasper Boelens, Sjoerd Geerts, Sina Dyks, Celia Hadeler, Marijke de Cock, Elizabeth Lewis, Anna Kunst, AtKris, Mariekke Jansen, Ori_Orisun, Urban Reef, 3DD, Lambert Kamps, Pepijn Fabius Clovis, Dirk van Duivenbode, Teun Zwets, Orange or Red, Sarah Roseman, Barry Llewellyn, Halle Design, Nicky Vollebregt, Manon Stoeltie, Zoran Strijbosch, Arno Hoogland, Wisse Trooster, Studio BL, Sanne Kaal, Olivier van der Mark, Erna de Bie, Karel Bodegom, The Millenhouse, Moon Kuijper, Splitter Splatter, Clara Schweers, Sjang Niederwieser, Jiin Yoon, Sophie Mensen, Shay Alfia, Tomer Netanel, Erik van Schaften, Mungbone, Bold & Schaft, Lorena Rode, Rik ten Velden, Thibeau, Bestwelhip, Charlene Dannancier en Tiddo.

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Powered by Skonk, Autotaalglas, Textiellab, Mondilab, NS, 3DDFactory, Greenpaints, Studio Noun, MUCHROOM and Catawiki

Program 21-29 Oct: daily from 11am to 6 pm
21 Oct 12.00 lice auction start with Catawiki and Patrick Kooiman
21 Oct 13.00 Trend Presentation Buro Jantrendman
28 Oct 17.00 Closing Party MESSMERIZING

Trend Presentation Language of the Future: In this visual trend presentation by Jantrendman translate social changes into a new design language of the future as you encounter at MESSMERIZING. In this short visual presentation we talk about this new generation of designers with an unprecedented curiosity about the future and a penchant for traditional techniques. Boundaries are blurring between design, art, graphics, 3D and fashion, which only increases the sense of wonder.