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(Archive) Salta Heat House: Harvesting Extreme Heat

Extreme Heat for Regenerative Living

This project was part of DDW 2023
Underground Single dwelling & bioplastic enclosure — © Xaarchive Studio

An underground haven in Salta, Argentina, ingeniously utilizing excess heat for self-sustaining systems, paired with resource-efficient agriculture and a pioneering "heathouse." With Argentina's record-breaking heatwaves and dire crop losses, we embark on a mission to redefine survival.

Resilient Sustainability

Navigating heat, wildfire, and drought, our project pioneers responsive sustainability, fusing ancient wisdom and tech innovation. Amid economic fragility, our self-sufficient vision thrives through local materials, thermoelectric energy, and water-wise farming. A beacon of hope, shaping Argentina's resilient future.

AI's Creative Synergy

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into image generation offers a captivating realm where human creativity and technological tools converge. Illustrated through a visionary project addressing Argentina's challenges, this fusion transforms abstract ideas into vivid visuals, seamlessly harmonizing nostalgia and innovation. While exemplifying a symbiotic relationship between human inspiration and AI-enabled realization, this pioneering endeavor not only produces evocative imagery but also sparks a broader dialogue on the synergy between artistic expression and technological augmentation, redefining the contours of imaginative exploration.

The future kitchen — © Xaarchive Studio

Smart nourish — © Xaarchive Studio

Electric-powered underground aeroponics unit — © Xaarchive Studio

Overground HeatHouse