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Functionele Schoonheid Vormgegeven door Verbeelding

Visit my studio located at the back of the Sectie-C terrain and experience design that unites aesthetics and functionality.

Vis messen hergebruikt tot kaas- en botermessen. — © Amber Zeekaf creative strategy & photography

Step into my studio at the back of the Sectie-C terrain and acquaint yourself with a collection of designs that merge minimalist aesthetics with everyday functionality. As a product designer, my focus is on creating objects that are not only visually appealing but also practical.

Together, we share the journey from concept to reality, aligning with the theme 'Picture This.'

Welcome to 'Functional Beauty: Shaped by Imagination,' an enchanting exhibition hosted by Maarten Baptist Design Studio during the Dutch Design Week. Be inspired by my designs that embody a journey from concept to tangible utility, all within the theme of imagination and change.

Enter my studio at the rear of the Sectie-C terrain, where my designs hold not just visual allure but also represent a journey from idea to reality. As an autonomous product designer, I guide you along the path from imagination to tangible, functional creations.

As I prepare for Dutch Design Week, I proudly unveil the 'LEGG Chair' and other functional pieces. Crafted from ash and walnut, this chair tells the story of imagination translated into usable beauty. I share my process, from the initial sketch to the artisanal execution.

Explore my series of wall-mounted and freestanding cabinets, made from carefully shaped 3D aluminum tubes, and discover how imagination can lead to versatile design solutions."

About Maarten Baptist Design Studio

Maarten is an autonomous industrial product designer who continuously seeks innovation within seemingly impossible production processes. He's driven by a passion for simplifying products while maximizing their functionality. His design philosophy comes to life in his latest creations, showcased at Dutch Design Week 2023

Vis messen hergebruikt tot kaas- en botermessen. — © Amber Zeekaf creative strategy & photography

Cylinder glazen espresso - koffie - thee mokken. — © Amber Zeekaf creative strategy & photography

LEGG chair — © Amber Zeekaf creative strategy & photography

Crystal stone cups and saucers.

Sectie-C area, Hall - 10 L, Daalakkersweg 10 -22 , Map No. I12
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Fully Wheelchair Accessible
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Toilets available