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DDW Tickets

Visiting DDW? A DDW ticket offers you unlimited access to the paid DDW locations for 9 days.

DDW tickets

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DDW Ticket

A ticket for DDW costs 21 euro when ordered online, and 25 euro at the door. Students and people in the age of 12 to 18 years old buy a DDW ticket online for 14 euro, and at the door for 18 euro. For children up to 12 years old, a visit to DDW is free.

During DDW, presentations by designers can be seen at more than 100 locations. You can exchange the DDW ticket once for a wristband. This gives you 9 days access to:

  • Klokgebouw
  • Things that Matters @Microlab Hall
  • Graduation Show Design Academy Eindhoven @Beursgebouw
  • Van Abbemuseum
  • Sectie-C
  • Dutch Invertuals @Fuutlaan
  • Cabinet of Collaborations @Fuutlaan
  • Kazerne – Home of Design
  • New Order of Fashion Lab
  • Philips Museum

Unfortunately, it is not possible to buy individual tickets for the Klokgebouw, Microlab Hall, Graduation Show Design Academy Eindhoven, Van Abbemuseum or Sectie-C. It is possible to buy a day ticket for Kazerne (€5,-), Dutch Invertuals (€4,-), New Order or Fashion Lab (€2,-), or Philips Museum (€11,-) to visit only this specific location. All other locations are free to visit. Children up to the age of 12 can go to DDW for free.

Children, students and families

Do you want to use the discount that is available for children (12 to 18 years old) and/or students? Bring proof of identity or a valid student card. It is impossible to exchange a DDW Student Ticket for a wristband or purchase a DDW Student Ticket without valid proof of identity or student card.

Family tickets

DDW family tickets (€ 57.50) are only for sale at the door. These are valid for a maximum of 5 people, of which a maximum of 2 adults. The wristband is personal: for a family ticket, all persons must be present at the ticket desk at the same time. Children up to the age of 12 can go to DDW for free.

Exchange your e-ticket for a wristband or buy your DDW ticket at the door

You can exchange the DDW ticket for a personal wristband or buy a ticket at the door. This can be done at the following locations:


Klokgebouw 50
Daily from 11 am to 6 pm.

Microlab Hall

Side entrance: East (Café de Stip side)
Daily from 11 am to 6 pm.


Cabinet of Collaborations Expo
Fuutlaan 14e
Open daily from 11 am to 6 pm.

Van Abbemuseum

Stratumsedijk 2
Daily from 11 am to 6 pm.

DDW ticket sales point – Central Station

Daily from 10 am to 6 pm.


Daalakkersweg 2
Open Sat - Sat from 11 am to 8 pm
Sunday 24 October from 11 am to 6 pm

Additional information

Payment method

At all locations you can only pay with debit or credit card.

You can't collect someone else's wristband. The wristband is valid as soon as it is on your wrist. That is your ticket from 16 to 24 October. Once your wristband is removed, it is no longer valid.   

DDW Pro ticket

There is no DDW Pro Ticket for sale this year. We hope to be able to offer a Pro Ticket to our visitors again in 2022.

Groups and schools

Are you planning to visit DDW with a large group (min. 25 people) or school? Please contact us via for more information about the possibilities and rates.

Mini Design Rides

With the DDW wristband, you can use the MINI Design Rides for free. Be transported to any DDW location with the MINI taxis, daily between 11 am-6 pm.


Do you have a CJP pass? Then buy your DDW ticket here with a CJP discount. Please note: it is not possible to purchase a ticket with a CJP discount at the door.

Under 30 but you don't have a CJP pass? Buy it now for € 13.50 at CJP and immediately get the discount.

NS Spoordeelwinkel

Are you coming to Eindhoven by train? Then take advantage of the NS Spoordeelwinkel offer and buy an NS day return combined with the DDW Ticket for only € 33. This offer is available from 1 October in the NS Spoordeelwinkel.

Wheelchair attendants

Visitors who are dependent on a wheelchair can get a free DDW ticket for one accompanying person. You can pick up this ticket at the service desks in the Klokgebouw, Microlab Hall, Sectie-C, Eindhoven Central Station, the Van Abbemuseum and at Fuutlaan. The accompanied person pays the regular price.

Personal pass

Will you be using your DDW wristband for multiple days, but you can't keep it on all the time for a variety of important reasons (for example, because of your profession or hospitalization)? Then DDW offers you the option to request a personal pass. You can request a personal pass at the service desk in the Klokgebouw and the Design Academy Eindhoven. The pass is personal and replaces the wristband after it is issued. Because creating the personal pass is an expensive and time-consuming process and serves as an exception to the regular ticket system, we charge a fee of €1.00 per pass.

Please note: You can only create a personal pass if you still have the wristband on. So you'll first have to exchange your e-ticket or purchase a ticket at the cash register before we can create a personal pass for you. So please request your pass immediately or as quickly as possible after you receive your wristband. The following also applies here: if the wristband is cut, it loses its validity, and it is no longer possible to make a replacement pass. Please only let the service employee remove the wristband for you.
Unfortunately, we won't be able to accommodate all requests to exchange a wristband for a pass. The decision of the service employee is binding.

Ticket support and conditions

Online ticket sales are made via See Tickets/Paylogic. Problems while buying your ticket? Contact the Paylogic Help desk.

By purchasing a DDW ticket, you agree to the general ticket conditions.


For other questions, check the FAQ!