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DDW tickets

Dutch Design Week thanks all visitors and looks forward to welcoming you again next year. Early Bird tickets for Dutch Design Week 2024 are expected to be available from May 2024. All further information on this page pertains to Dutch Design Week 2023.

DDW23 tickets
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What can you do with a DDW ticket?

During DDW, presentations by designers can be seen at more than 100 locations. You can exchange a DDW ticket once for a personal wristband. This wristband gives you 9 days of access to:

● Klokgebouw
● Microlab Hall
● Graduation Show Design Academy Eindhoven @ Heuvel
● Van Abbemuseum: The Space Between Us & Dwarsverbanden
● Sectie-C
● Dutch Invertuals
● Kazerne – Home of Design
● New Order of Fashion Lab
● Philips Museum
● Evoluon

All other DDW locations are free to visit.

The DDW wristband also gives you access to the Renault Design Rides, free of charge. More information about the Renault Design Rides can be found here.

Admission to DDW is free for children aged 11 years and under.


What does a DDW ticket cost?

  Online At the door
DDW regular ticket € 24,50 (incl. VAT & service costs)  € 28,00 each
DDW student ticket
(12-17 years or in possession of a student card)
€ 15,00 (incl. VAT & service costs) € 18,50 each
DDW PRO ticket € 170,00 (incl. VAT & service costs) Not available at the door
DDW family ticket
(up to 5, of which max. 2 adults)
Not available online € 62,50 each
11 years and under
Free Free


Questions & answers

Where do I exchange my e-ticket for a wristband or buy one at the door?

You can exchange the DDW ticket for a personal wristband or buy one at the door. This is possible at the following locations:

Location DDW-ticket (regular / student / CJP) DDW Pro Ticket
Klokgebouw Yes Yes
Microlab Hall Yes No
DDW Ticketsale Location - Heuvel enterance de Markt Yes No
Sectie-C Yes No
DDW Ticketsale Location - Eindhoven Central Station Yes Yes
Van Abbemuseum Yes No
Evoluon Yes No

It is not possible to collect a wristband for someone else. The wristband is valid as soon as it is on your wrist and gives you access to DDW from Saturday 21 to Sunday 29 October. Once a wristband is removed, it is no longer valid.

Wristband sales at the door
At the above venues, it is also possible to buy a ticket at the door. This can only be done by debit or credit card. It is not possible to pay in cash. Please note, purchasing a ticket at the door is only possible at an additional cost of 3.50 euros per ticket. The family ticket is only offered at the door at a fixed price of 62.50 euros. You must collect the ticket with your whole family in person at the box office.

What extras go with the DDW PRO ticket?

In addition to entrance to DDW23, the PRO ticket grants you access to the following extras:

  • Access to the DDW Business Club meet-up.
  • Complementary participation in a DDW Discovery Tour at Strijp-S.
  • Free access to one interCHANGES and all other interCHANGES at a 20% discount.
  • A free DDW bicycle for 9 days.
  • Access to the DDW Business Lounge and its facilities.
  • Special discount offers on hotel stays in Eindhoven. 
  • Whatsapp service for quick questions and answers.
  • Personalised notification with information about your visit to DDW. 
  • DDW tote bag and pin.

After purchasing your DDW PRO ticket, you will receive a confirmation email from us with more information. In this email, you will find various links to redeem the PRO extras, such as making reservations for your DDW bike, the tour, interCHANGES, and other events you wish to attend. If you have any questions about this, please contact us at

Click here for all the information regarding the DDW PRO ticket.

Can I buy a ticket just for the Klokgebouw?

No, unfortunately it’s not possible to buy individual tickets for Klokgebouw, Microlab Hall, Graduation Show - Design Academy Eindhoven, Van Abbemuseum, Evoluon, or Sectie-C. It is however possible to buy a day ticket for certain locations / expo’s: Kazerne (€5,-), Dutch Invertuals (€5,-), New Order of Fashion Lab (€2,50) or Philips Museum (€11,-).

I only want to visit DDW for one day. Is there also a day ticket?

The DDW ticket actually has the price of a day ticket. But there’s so much to see! We believe you cannot visit DDW in just one day. That’s why we offer visitors the chance to come as many days as they like. As long as you keep your wristband on, you can enjoy DDW 9 days long for the price of a day ticket.

I want to visit DDW with a company or organisation, where can I order tickets?

Would you like to order tickets as a company?

More information

I want to visit DDW with a school or educational institute, where can I order tickets?

Want to order tickets as a school or educational institute?

More information


Are NS combi tickets available for DDW23?

Yes, again this year you can use the combi ticket with NS (Dutch railway). Are you coming to DDW by train? Then buy your ticket via the NS Spoordeelwinkel. Are you from the Eindhoven region and coming by train? Then check out the special region rate applicable to the NS combi ticket.

Are there any discounted tickets available?

This year, you can buy your DDW ticket in the first week of September for the same price as in 2022. Note: this is a limited number, so be quick! In the period 1 to 10 September, you can buy the regular DDW ticket for 23,00 euros and the DDW PRO ticket for 150,00 euros. We will not increase the price of the student ticket. We believe students should always be able to visit DDW at a favourable rate.

Is there a special discount for people over 65, CJP-pass holders or for Museumkaart holders?

No, we do not offer discounts for people over 65, Museumkaart holders or We Are Public card holders. Discounts are only available for students and children aged 12 to 18. Do you have a CJP-pass? Then you can buy a DDW ticket for the CJP rate via the CJP website.

Is it possible to receive a VAT invoice when I buy a ticket online?

After purchasing the ticket, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to download your own VAT invoice. We will not be able to change any data on it for you after purchasing the ticket.

I ordered by invoice. Where can I pick up my wristbands?

Wristbands that companies or schools ordered by invoice can be collected from the DDW office, unless otherwise agreed. The address is: Torenallee 22-08. Schools that have agreed to collect the wristbands at the pick-up point in Klokgebouw can go there during the DDW opening hours: 11:00 to 18:00. We kindly ask large groups to have 1 person collect the wristbands, and then distribute them to the group outside. This is to avoid congestion in the entrance.

Can I bring an assisting person to Dutch Design Week?

Yes, it is possible for one assisting person to pick up a free DDW ticket/wristband at the ticketdesk at Klokgebouw, Microlab Hall, Sectie-C and at DDW ticket sales points - Central Station, Heuvel Galerie, Evoluon or at van Abbemuseum. With this initiative, we hope to welcome everyone to Dutch Design Week.

Can I go out and get back in again?

Yes, as long as you wear the wristband you can go in and out of locations. Keep in mind that it can get (sometimes unexpectedly) crowded in some locations. That could mean you have to queue up (again).

Can I buy individual tickets for DDW tours this year?

No, there are no tickets for individual tours available this year. This is something we would like to reintroduce in the future. At this time, there are only business tours available. Check for information on corporate tours.

Where can I ask question about payment and ordering issues?

You can ask questions about the payment and ordering of tickets here.

What should I do if I cannot wear a wristband for 9 days?

A personal pass may be available to you if you meet the following criteria:

Due to a severe reason (e.g. your profession or hospitalisation) you cannot keep your DDW wristband on for several days? You can then request a personal pass from DDW. This can be done at the service desk of the Klokgebouw and DDW Ticketsale Location - Eindhoven Central Station. Passes are personal and replace wristbands once issued. As creating a personal pass is an expensive and time-consuming process, we charge a fee of 1.00 euro per pass as an exception to the regular ticket system.

Please note you can only create a personal pass while wearing your wristband. For this reason, you must first exchange your e-ticket or purchase a wristband at the box office before we can create a pass for you. As a result, please request your pass as soon as possible after receiving your wristband. If the wristband is cut, it loses its validity and cannot be replaced. Let the service person cut the wristband for you.

We are unable to accommodate all requests to exchange wristbands for passes. Decisions made by service members are final.

What should I do if I cannot buy a ticket due to lack of funds?

Are you unable to purchase a ticket for DDW23 due to a lack of funds? The Cultuur Inclusief might be able to assist you.

Culture Inclusief manages a limited amount of discount vouchers for DDW23. Their website explains how you can qualify for a discount. The DDW organisation is responsible for making the discount available but does not control its distribution.

Where can I find the answer to my other questions regarding DDW?

Answers to all other questions regarding DDW can be found on the visitors-page or in the visitors FAQ.

Where can I find the conditions regarding DDW tickets?

The conditions regarding tickets and access to DDW23 can be found here.