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DAE: The Arena

By The Arena
DAE, then comes the moment to act- Saturday 24 October 2020

As creative antagonists, we are often left with the task of putting out the fires of modernity, unable to contend with the larger structural and systemic issues which continually reignite those very same flames. How then do ‘we’ build moments, spaces and movements that ultimately result in lasting, generative change to such structures?

Emirhakin (he / him), Artist / Designer, Sandberg Institute Graduate 
Kirtis Clarke, Graphic Designer & MA Contextual Design student 
Alex Furtado Melville, Managing Director at Concrete Blossom 
Samein Shamsher (Social Design, MA) 
Chaewon Kong, Anti-Racist Collective Member, Bachelor Student 
(pending) Dr. Rosalba Icaza, Associate Professor, Erasmus University Rotterdam   
(pending) Tracian Meikle, PhD Researcher UvA, Unsettling Rietveld Coordinator 
Gyonne Goedhoop, moderator, writer, VSB matchmaker, programmer at TENT    

With design research at its heart, The Arena is Design Academy Eindhoven’s (DAE) in-house platform for furthering dialogues on design discourse. It addresses and contextualises aspects of design practice that inform and surpass a final object or outcome.Tune in to DDW TV daily on  from 14:30-15:30 for panel discussions on the dilemmas of institutional critique, bio-politics and collective care, power structures behind invisible infrastructures, interrogations on cultural heritage and more.

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