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Designers on It's in our nature

Dive deeper into the DDW21 subthemes

By Dutch Design Week

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The subtheme 'It's in our nature' is about the relationship between man and nature, and how we can restore it. Designers Shaakira Jassat, Emma van der Leest and Kuang-Yi Ku explain how they deal with this in their work. Watch the video and read more about the subtheme in our magazine item.

Since prehistoric times, humankind has worked with nature on everything. We grow our food, build our houses, extract materials for our products and energy. Over the centuries, people have increasingly tried to control, manipulate, and dominate nature. Humanity treats nature as a factory that can be managed, adjusted, and conditioned according to need. Because of our constant craving for more – more stuff, more revenue – the relationship between people and nature has been severely disrupted. The relationship is now one in which we have transcended nature, in which we have forgotten that we are one and the same.

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