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DDW23 | Area Recap | Station

By Dutch Design Week

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With Picture This, we're taking a deep dive into the distant future. What if we continue on the same path? This forward-thinking perspective can also be found at The Social Hub, where The Elephant in the Room scrutinises the textile industry, especially the consequences of fast fashion. But the future of the textile industry also has a bright and inspiring side. You'll see that at Exit 2023, the graduation show of the Swedish School of Textiles, where you can marvel at unique fabrics and fashion creations.

You'll find more craftsmanship at Fuutlaan Hall, for instance, at Tools & Crafts, where artisanal techniques and innovation come together. Nearby, at Spoor K, you'll delve into the history and rituals of communal dining with the art installation Around the Table. If the digital universe threatens to suck you in, Dutch Invertuals keeps you grounded in the physical world. But if you prefer to immerse yourself in a surreal experience, take a look at MESSMERIZING at Central Station.