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DDW23 | Area Recap | Hallenweg & West

By Dutch Design Week

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A stone's throw away from the city center, you'll find Hallenweg, one of Dutch Design Week's hidden gems. Let’s take a peek at The Product Chronicles, where six designers reflect on the value and meaning of products in our consumer-driven society. With brick walls and brick curtains and brick blankets, Zuzanna Skurka shows that a brick can be so much more than just a building material. Afterward, we'd be delighted to guide you into the future of our food at the Evoluon.

With Super Nostalgia, futuristic supermarket ads with a nostalgic touch, Gawon Lee invites you to contemplate a possible future in which our current favorite products have become scarce delicacies. To ensure that future doesn't become a reality, Spacefarming explores how we'll feed over 10 billion people in 2050.

We can't dive into the West Area without making a stop at Plan-B. But en route to this creative hub, we first swing by Hastelweg, where the colorful installation In Season at studio mo man tai enchants you. At Plan-B itself, color takes center stage in many exhibitions. Check out Moving Colours, where pigments derived from bacteria are used as an alternative to toxic and polluting paint for coloring shoes. SEE through COLOURS wants to look beyond color and challenges you to explore the associations colors evoke in you, helping you develop a more open perspective.