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Graduation Show - Public Private

Exercise through Navigation

Exercise through Navigation: bench
Chris König
Dit project is onderdeel van Graduation Show - Public Private


Het project Exercise through Navigation laat zien hoe we meer beweging kunnen toevoegen aan onze dagelijkse routines.


You are standing on the train platform when the sign flashes ‘five-minute delay’. Instead of waiting, you do a micro-workout, balancing along a backrest like a beam. Meanwhile, fellow commuters along the platform are doing curl-ups on hybrid fitness benches. Modern life, with its sedentary habits, poses an increasing risk of lifestyle diseases. Despite this, many people feel they don’t have the time, energy or motivation to exercise. But what if you could fit the necessary workouts into your daily routines? By developing multifunctional gym furniture, and workout tutorials based on existing public spaces, Mathijs van Gageldonk reframes the train station as a hub for healthy habits.

“I wandered the city looking for public spaces where I could integrate exercise into daily routines.”