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Living with Anxiety

Living with Anxiety begon met het documenteren van een persoonlijke reis van angst. Elk project begon als een uitdrukking van mijn eigen innerlijke moeilijkheden. Nu is de hoop van dit project om het te vertalen in een divers medium dat kan resoneren met vele anderen die ook aan angst lijden.

Living with Anxiety

Once the anxiety became visually understandable , many surprisingly expressed a lot of empathy and consideration . With this unexpected response , I do not only realize the compassion of others but also that anxiety is a feeling shared by many . I decided to share and also deliver empathy to others by translating selected drawings into tangible and tactile interior pieces . Living with Anxiety is a collection of textile objects scaled up from drawings hopes to assist people face and rethink their anxiety to overcome it .


Seok Park is a designer making garments and textile objects. Inspired by focusing on the things undervalued, hidden, and forgotten around us, the studio continuously discovers narratives, materiality, and methodology in its design practices.