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Antenna || Garrett Benisch

Turning waste into functional products

Door Garrett Benisch

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Pratt Institute graduate Garrett Benisch discovered that New York City processes 1.3 billion gallons of sewage every day. This sewage is treated using micro-organisms which in turn convert the waste into biosolids. While the city used these biosolids to enrich the soils of the city, now 2.8 million pounds of this make their way straight to a landfill every day. Benisch recognised that these biosolids could be used in a useful and sustainable manner. He thus created Sum Waste, a pen whose barrel and ink are both made from treated biosolids. Benisch worked together with the New York Department of Environmental Protection and an independent polyhydroxyalkanoate, or PHA producer, to create this product. The young designer believes that this project can create a relationship between New York’s waste management and the citizens of the city.

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