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Eindhoven is renowned for its exceptional design, a fact that requires no further explanation to anyone familiar with the city. It is teeming with ingenious minds, creative spirits, and skilled artisans, and Dutch Design Week serves as the perfect occasion to witness the full extent of this design prowess.

DDW is the perfect opportunity to bolster Eindhoven's position as the design capital, which is why we proudly sponsor and support Dutch Design Week each year. However, achieving the prestigious title of "design capital" demands more than a mere week of design-focused activities. We have therefore joined forces with the Municipality of Eindhoven and Dutch Design Foundation in an ambitious project known as Eindhoven Design District.

Eindhoven Design District seeks to bring shine a spotlight on the city's design identity. Our goal is to make design accessible and tangible to all, with a particular focus on design that contributes significantly to society. To achieve this, we bridge the gap between talented designers and potential clients, stimulating design projects within the city, and inspiring governmental bodies and businesses through showcasing commendable projects that exemplify the transformative power of design and the intricacies of the design process. You can delve deeper into these endeavors on our website,

We believe in ‘practice what you preach’ which is why we collaborate closely with designers across all our strategic programs. Studio Sociaal Centraal, Studio Tast, Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe, Tienvierstudio, and Zeewaardig are among the Eindhoven-based designers we work with. If you would like to discover more about these partnerships or have an idea that could enrich our plans, please check our strategy on or get in touch with us via