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Visiting designers

What’s going on in the mind of a designer? What’s someone’s way of working? Designers often spend a lot of time in their studios and workplaces. So, time for us to pay them a visit!



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During DDW21, we broadcasted daily DDW TV; a talk show full of fascinating conversations and inspiring items. Presenter Brecht van Hulten - together with sidekick Martijn Paulen - spoke with, amongst others, designers and (former) ambassadors.


MINI Voices

Stories that have to be told

In MINI Voices, designers express their thoughts on sustainability and how they deal with it in their designs and processes.

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During DDW, there’s so much to see and do. Projects, events, studios – we are surrounded by design. Every evening of DDW, we broadcasted the daily show DDW TV. A live talk show with exciting interviews and inspiring items. All episodes can be rewatched now!
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