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Brabant Ontmoet

The world around us is changing. Brabant also faces major social challenges. We work together to find answers and solutions. When people from Brabant meet, something happens.

This is why Noord-Brabant invests in meetings and events like Dutch Design Week. Our goal is to hear from designers, governments, knowledge institutions, businesses, social organizations, and residents about Brabant's future.

Also, to experiment with new forms of collaboration or to research new ideas. Due to its innovative breeding ground, Brabant greatly contributes to the solutions to the world's problems in the future. We are committed to the growth of our region and to each other.

Our focus is:

  • A healthy and safe living environment
  • Sustainable urbanisation, vital countryside, and mobility
  • A sustainable and competitive economy livability
  • The energy transition
  • A climate-proof Brabant

Brabant joins forces. We put our cards on the table instead of keeping them close to our chests. As a result of our shared sense of responsibility.