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Material – Immaterial – SOFTSPACE

03 September 2018

Why do we need material and immaterial textiles around us?

When we look back into history, it can be seen, that textile was one of the first materials that has been used to build „housings“. But by now, it has lost its functions: We build double or even triple insulated windows, so we don‘t need any curtains to insulate. We build dry and stable walls, so we don‘t need any textiles on the walls either and our floors use underfloor heating which means we don‘t have to have any insulation under our feet. We don’t need any functional textile material. But why do we still necessarily need textile material around us?

Because we are humans, we need to be surrounded by something soft to which our body can relate and connect with. We need material and its immaterial functions! This is exactly where Softspace starts - and brings a modern approach to textiles in architecture. Woven wall hangings and textile room objects open up, tingle the tactile sense and bring essential atmosphere to spaces. Either flat or 3D, those textiles stay a vibrant material that shows movement, lightness and softness. Come and have a look at the event space at Piet Hein Eek!