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Democracy and Technlogy

21 June 2019

I already don't know what to think about technlogy. One face of the coin is that it's for everybody, everybody are free on internet, we have a lots of admins, accounts, we could be who we want. But at the same time, what about truth? What is real and unreal?

In these days the virtual dimension is taking a big part of our life. It looks like that we need to connect the real and unreal in one, we need to be impressed, to dream, to escape the reality sometimes. My research for now is about knowing the machine, the technlogy to use it for a human need. If everybody could learn about coding we'll be more free, on the same level, more independent: we could mange the electricity on our house, we could program whatever we need to live in serenity. 

The importance of the free access to the technlogy is foundamental but is also foundamental to remember always who we are: humans, who need sleep, eat, sociality, communities, creating our space.

In my project I see both of these ideas: knowing the language machine through coding software but narrating a story about humans and to remeber that we are one and more but mostly we are infinite.

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