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Organic furniture line ZTISTA for FAINA Collection, Ukraine

16 August 2019

Organic design collection ZTISTA (โ€œztistaโ€ in Ukrainian โ€” made of dough) โ€” is a line of indoor and outdoor furniture that intends to create things from the inside out in a way that reflects imperfection of a beauty.

Handmade on a metal frame from a special composition of eco-materials: flax, cotton and biopolymer - this furniture has a cosmic vibe. Fragile silhouettes and mystical forms created with an ancient sculptural modelling technique name "valkuvannia".

We have developed the whole line of design objects in this category: chair, bar stool, bench, table. Reliable coating for the surface is provided by a special covering with biopolymer.

ZTISTA CHAIR - plastic form of a chair ZTISTA makes it look like a fairy tale hero revived in a sculptural organic shape. 

ZTISTA BENCH - on this bench you may comfortably accommodate all curious guests that would be undeniably attracted with an unusual silhouette and organic minimalist shape. 

ZTISTA TABLE - the spontaneous and naïve designs of a dinner table shaped by hand with a technique, that our ancestors used to create a hut-hut.

Materials: steel, flax rubber, biopolymer, cellulose.


FAINA Collection – live Ukrainian design collection, inspired by cultural roots, established in 2014 in Kyiv, Ukrainian. The story of FAINA began in 2014 with idea of Ukrainian architect and designer Victoria Yakusha to make national identity understandable and recognizable throughout the world. The collection is based on her study of the domestic traditions, materials and craft techniques that were carefully transformed into contemporary minimalist design objects. 

Clay, felt, willow, flax, and solid wood - are the main elements of collection, helping author to express the concept of "live design" and involve simultaneously all human senses. "Through the FAINA collection, I wanted to reflect the whole life force of energy that has been encapsulated over the Ukrainian land for centuries" - Victoria Yakusha. 


FAINA Collection is growing and changing each day, our big aim — to mark Ukraine on the world design map.