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16 August 2019

The TXTL exhibition shows degree work of both bachelor and master candidates in textile design, at the Swedish school of textiles, University of Borås. Textiles surround us. Our daily life is influenced by the presence of textiles. Sometimes they are discreet materials; sometimes they are obtrusive. The privileged position of textiles in our everyday activities gives the textile design profession a central role in creating daily wellness.

Starting from design at the fine scale of the textile structure up to defining a context of use, the textile designer challenges these spaces, treating daily living with extensive care for detail. Subsequently, the experimental nature of the textile design practice is quintessential to find new definitions of textiles or open the imagination to novel ways of using textiles. Here, the aesthetic explorations with craft or industrial processes allow progressive perspectives on textiles to emerge. Driven by the curiosity for new material or the desire to challenge the existing boundaries of textile techniques, the students’ works at the Swedish School of Textiles illustrate the visionary and the experimental standpoint of textile design and education: i. by advancing existing textile techniques, ii. by proposing new material approaches to them, or iii. by speculating on new scenarios of living.

Participiant list:

Lovisa NorrsellChristine SnedkerLinnéa ErikssonEllen ArolinNathalie ChafchakMia Wolff MetternichJuliette BerthonneauJulia SvantessonMalin LindSimon HennerforsMimi DanielssonMikaela SvenssonLova ÖstbergAnna Tenggren