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Sensetainable - Re-defining Industry with Design

16 August 2019

„Sensetainable“* is a playful approach of young design-driven companies from Berlin to showcase new co-creation concepts.

The group of companies behind Sensetainable, represented by „ILPS“ - Madeleine Marquardt, „SinnAesthetik“ - JiHye Kang and Victor Gonzalez, „urban:eden“ - Paulina Grebenstein, „Cooking New Material“ - Youyang Song as well as „Coffee Composer“ - Xinyue Yang and Antonia Nandori, pursues to demonstrate experimental, interactive developments that involve the user into a manufacturing process, make the user a co-developer and motivate the user to change the status quo.Madeleine will demonstrate her innovative light printing machine that uses light as a drawing tool for patterning on textiles. You will observe the process which enables to create numerous shades of blue on textiles by controlling the speed of light and wavelengths.

Studio SinnAesthetik explores the connection between human senses and crafts. Their approach unfolds through the symbiosis of art, interactive objects and the development of new processes. At DDW they will exhibit „The Underglaze Drawing Maschine for Porcelain“ - a tool for personalized porcelain artifacts.Young Song processes organic fruit waste into flexible materials. While advancing her „cooking“ techniques, Youyang created numerous types of materials that resemble leather, paper or plastics.

Paulina’s concepts deal with innovative climate adaptation measures for growing cities. She specifically focuses on water management that ensures the relief of the sewage system, urban water body protection and the supply of green-blue infrastructures. As a result, she designed a flood water cycle paths that connect and supply various systems. For DDW, Paulina prepared an interactive prototype which shows the functionality of some elements of “urban:eden”.Coffee Composer team makes self-service fun again by offering users a greater transparency and autonomy through a range of tokens for an automated coffee machine. This approach enriches the interaction for consumers, making the most of what humans do best: the creative and tactile parts of the process. Coffee Composer demonstrates that increased automation does not have to result in a banal and labored action - it should instead allow us, humans, to pursue activities we enjoy

* "Sensetainable" - sense-making, entertaining, attainable