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Looking for a way to LIGHT UP your day?

11 October 2019

Reinout Scheepers has been fascinated by light since childhood. For his graduation solo project at the AKI ArtEZ Art Academy that will be presented at the Dutch Design Week, he investigated how you can offer an immersive experience with light and storytelling. So, he developed a modular LED system called PixelFlex.

The amazing visual experience called Circulux explores a new dimension in pixel lighting systems. 6,000 programmable LED’s configured in a custom-built semi-transparent rig work together to deliver an intense 360-degree experience.


What is the technological approach?


The PixelFlex modules serve as building blocks for this installation. Circulux is an exemplary setup where these flexible transparent light mats can be used.


Why is the work innovative?


This colorful light installation is a combination of music and sound effects offer and it offers a complete experience where you blend into another world. Nowadays we see countless VR installations with the major disadvantage that you are completely cut off from the outside world. Through the transparent LED modules, the installation can be viewed and the connection with the outside world is not lost. The work has been described by others as analogue virtual reality and an out-of-body experience.


Why is the artwork critical?


The term 'privacy' has almost no value anymore, it is nowadays more a privilege than a right. Although we agree with the annoying cookie pop-ups and dubious privacy conditions, we often have no idea what happens to our data. Circulux reflects the oppressive feeling of being constantly monitored and tries to make you aware of the dangers of data mining.


The artwork is nominated for the Manifestations Young Talent Award:

graduate 2019 AKI ArtEZ Art Academy




More information:


Location and opening times:


Veem building, 9th floor (side entrance)

Torenallee 100

5617 BE Eindhoven

19 to 27 October, every day from 11:00 a.m to 18:00 p.m   

Accessible for the disabled and fun for the kids

Free access


Author: Denitsa Peneva