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Beams and Seams

06 September 2018

Rein Reitsma (1991) graduated in 2015 from the Willem de Kooning - art academy, the Netherlands. Now his design practice takes place at his Rotterdam based studio, realising independent and commissioned projects.

One of his most typical works is Knaapje, a life-sized wooden human skeleton. This funny looking character is a combination of the well-known 3D dinosaur puzzle and the high school biology skeleton. Knaapje is now part of the collection of Hans Boodt: Mannequins as a shop display.

Projects often start from a goofy but clear idea that runs the imagination. The end products are diverse, yet each piece is characterized by Rein’s straight forward methods, showing joy and humour.

With the exhibition Beams and Seams Rein marks his debut at the Dutch Design Week. Beside some of his furniture and Knaapje, a new mannequin concept will make its first appearence. Also you’ll be the first to see some of Rein’s latest experiments working with pallet-straps and left-over plastic sheet. In other words... a lot of stuff to see!