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Zilver G'Oud

25 September 2018

More and more design will focus on the quality of life. Allowing design and environment, care and mobility, but above all, people to meet. Design combines these aspects in an unique way.

The past years new ideas and partnerships have been discovered and established. How did we inspire each other? And how did we share this knowledge? Elderly and young people worked closely together in new processes that were mutually explored and designed. Design as the ultimate meeting point.

Design is no longer only about designing beautiful tables, chairs or a lovely dress. At Vitalis Berckelhof we focus on how design can help senior citizens and link designers, the neighbourhood and residents with each other, sharing knowledge and expertise. The goal is to inspire each other and share knowledge.

Social design is a process that we want to present in our exhibition. During the exhibition you will be surprised. This year we have 26 participants and two workshops, in which we'll show that social design makes connections.