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Stay up to date with the latest developments regarding our COVID-19 measures regarding DDW22.

Sitation Covid, October 2022

The number of corona cases in the Netherlands has been rising in recent weeks and it is expected this will continue in the coming weeks. In that context, Dutch Design Foundation has sought coordination with the ‘veiligheidsregio’ (regional governmental security). At this point, we see corona as an endemism. With the current variants many people are likely to have mild symptoms, and can infect each other. Corona will therefore spread like a kind of flu wave. The extent cannot be determined with any certainty.

This requires sensible behavior from everyone. In addition to washing hands and not shaking hands, we advise everyone with corona-related complaints to take it easy, or stay at home.

With the current knowledge, DDW22 will continue as a regular edition. The Netherlands remains open. If there are any major changes in the coming week, we are of course prepared, with scenarios aimed at one and half meters, face masks, route directions, etcetera.

We are counting on a great Dutch Design Week, during which we will take measures and possible restrictions only if the situation requires them. We count on the understanding and cooperation of all our participants, volunteers and visitors. For now and above all: stay healthy and sensible and enjoy DDW22.