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Creators (VICE)

Creators, the arts platform of VICE, has been offering a podium for young artists and designers for years. And since Dutch Design Week does quite the same, this collaboration is nothing more than pure logic.

VICE is the largest media company in the world that focuses on young people. As a voice of a generation, we reach hundreds of millions of people per month with our impactful documentaries, programs and articles. Within VICE, Creators focuses on arts, culture and design, and tells stories about rising artists, new art forms and the turbulent challenges the artist life entails.

You might know us from the videos we made about graduates of the Design Academy earlier, or our interviews with designers such as Maarten Baas and Daan Roosegaarde. Or more recently: our short documentary about the artist duo L.A. Raeven and their robot clone, which can be viewed at Dutch Design Week this year. You can find this video below, and if you are curious about our other stories, we highly recommend you to take a look at