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Gemeente Eindhoven

​​​​Every year, the city of Eindhoven plays host to Dutch Design Week, an international event that introduces a wide audience to the most diverse forms of design. Designers see the world differently, often choosing the perspective of the user. Design is not only about shaping materials to create beautiful objects, but also about understanding existing structures. That is why it is so valuable to involve designers in solving challenging social problems relating to the climate, energy, an ageing population, urbanisation, healthcare or prosperity in general. With these themes in mind, designers look for the structures of yesterday and then move forwards with the solutions of tomorrow. In the world, in the Netherlands, in Eindhoven.

The municipality of Eindhoven is explicitly present at Dutch Design Week, to showcase how the city is developing. With the main exhibition In de Volle Grond (Into the Ground), about the subsoil that is too full of stuff to be able to build or plant trees, with MaquetteXL (ModelXL) about the layout of the new KnoopXL neighbourhood and an expo in the Stadhuis (City Hall) that looks back on ten years of social design. The municipality is also participating in the Embassies of Mobility, Water and Safety, where unusual ideas for tackling common problems are presented.

With such extensive representation at Dutch Design Week, the city of Eindhoven introduces its wide network of partners to the world of design. We want to inspire policymakers, scientists, entrepreneurs and administrators with a different view on reality, in order to look beyond existing structures. Designers seek out this dialogue and thereby lay the foundations for new collaborations between well-known experts and the unusual suspects. So that we can explore new directions in the weeks after Dutch Design Week, which is exactly what we should be doing as a city that is constantly in transition.