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Bio Design Route

The Bio Design Route gets you up to speed on the rapidly-developing field of Bio Design. Discover the difference between designing with nature and designing new nature.
You can't get lost

This route is a great way to start your visit to DDW, but it is not all-inclusive. Check out our expert tips below for even more inspiration, and add a fitting talk or workshop to your schedule. And remember; you can’t get lost on a design route, you only find more to be inspired by!

Easily navigate on Google Maps

We created the entire Bio Design Route for you on Google Maps. If you click on the image of the map, Google Maps opens to easily navigate you from design spot to design spot. For best user experience downloading Google Maps app for IOS, for Android or for Windows is recommended.

Bio Design Areas

This Route covers approximately 6,8 kilometers and starts at BioArt Laboratories in Other Area. After that, it will take you to Strijp-s Area before guiding you to Downtown Area. The Bio Design Route ends at Hallenweg Area. We kindly advise you to make use off the Hop on- Hop off buss, rent a DDW Bike or take a Design Ride to cover longer distances.

Getting around at DDW

We offer several mobility options for you to get around easily at DDW.

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DDW Entrance

Did you know that for the biggest DDW Locations you need an entrance ticket?

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