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DDW x Homegrown: Hedwich Hooghiemstra

17 December 2020

Especially for DDW, up and coming music platform, Homegrown created a series of music videos featuring designers from the DDW community. Hedwich Hooghiemstra was one of them. She was featured in the videos of Joya Mooi and Joshua J. What it was like for her to see her work in such a different context?

Who is Hedwich Hooghiemstra?

Hedwich Hooghiemstra (Studio Hedwich Hooghiemstra) graduated from the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen in 2016, after which she decided to continue her studies at Design Academy Eindhoven. Here, she graduated in 2018 with her furniture collection 'Adaptable Seating'. 

Hi Hedwich! What characterises you as a designer?

I always start my design process by creating an image that defines atmosphere and identity. Later, I integrate the functions of the space or the product. This way of working creates a layering that gives a different use and experience. In my work, I mainly focus on products and architecture. Whether in public or private space, my designs inspire to look beyond the object.

Last DDW, you launched your new collection LIUW. Can you tell us a bit more about that?

The LIUW objects consist of a light source and layered compositions of coloured glass panels. In the space, LIUW enriches the atmosphere and identity of its surroundings, which influences the emotional experience of the user. A place where you can marvel is also a place where you can unwind. Switched on or off, the physical presence of LIUW changes light into form.

What was it like for you to see your work in such different context?

For me, it is always the last step to see my work in context. It gives new insights and offers a different perspective on the work. It also brings back ideas for further development. 

© Ronald Smits

You just launched LIUW. What other project(s) are you working on at the moment?

I am currently working with social designer Aline Gerards on a project about Silence Spaces in nursing homes. We want to improve the quality of these spaces contributing to a valuable place for reflection for the residents. For me, the physical space is the most important ingredient in determining for how you feel.

Before we move on to the videos of Joya Mooi & Joshua J... What type(s) of muziek do you listen to yourself?

My taste in music is all actually over the place; I like to listen to Jazz but also to, for example, James Blake.

And now... the videos!

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Who is Joya Mooi?

Joya Mooi is a singer with a broad musical knowledge and experience that is characterised by her background as a conservatory-trained musician. The Amsterdam singer is strongly influenced by genres such as jazz, hip-hop and R&B which she fluently combines in her work. With her South African roots, Joya provides insight into the experiences of a new generation from the African diaspora. Relationships, identity and belonging are recurring themes in her music, themes she highlights on her recently released EP Blossom Carefully and her 2019 album The Ease Of Others.

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Who is Joshua J?

Joshua J is a multi-talented independent artist hailing from the Netherlands. The from west Africa descending dutch born is known for his versatile approach and vibrant personality. His journey as an artist is a special one. Joshua J breathes music. The passion and dedication he puts into his craft shines through everything from his lyrics to his artworks, and from his video's on to his live performances on stage. 

On march 8 of 2019 Joshua J released his debut album '1998', which tells the story of his difficult childhood years growing up in foster care. 

Homegrown x DDW

Homegrown is an interdisciplinary online platform in which live performances are produced in collaboration with local art organisations. Various disciplines such as design, fashion, visual arts and music come together to put the creative spirit of innovative Dutch youth on the map.

DDW and Homegrown collaborated on a video series of 5 videos as part of the successfully completed Voordekunst crowdfunding by Homegrown. The first three videos have been recently launched; Reinel Bakole with work by Ward Wijnant, as well as Joya Mooi and Joshua J with works by Hedwich Hooghiemstra. Stay tuned for more!