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Homegrown x Ward Wijnant

01 February 2021

Maya Mae x Ward Wijnant ©Homegrown
Especially for DDW, up and coming music platform, Homegrown created a series of music videos featuring designers from the DDW community. Ward Wijnant was one of them. He was featured in the videos of rising stars Joya Mooi, Maya Mae, and Reinel Bakole. What it was like for Ward to see his work in such a different context?

Who is Ward Wijnant?

Designer Ward Wijnant was born and raised in Tilburg. After his studies at the Hout- en Meubileringscollege in Rotterdam, he continued his education at Design Academy Eindhoven. Since 2015, Ward has been working as an independent designer.

Reinel Bakole featuring work of Ward Wijnant
© Homegrown

Hi Ward! What characterises you as a designer?

I am interested in the versatility of materials and techniques. Characteristic of my work process is that I am always looking for an unexpected side or application of a material in order to show a new side of the material: the final object is never what you initially think it is. It is my goal to adapt ancient techniques and materials to the present and combine them with the forms and finishes of contemporary design.

I always like to see my work being used in different contexts. Since I mainly use photography to share my products, it is nice to see them in a dynamic setting. My objects are represented beautifully.

TWISTED is a series of different objects (chairs, tables, cabinet) all made of twisted steel. The starting point was the question: What happens when the precision of expert craftsmanship challenges the superiority of steel? Starting from techniques within manual forging, I challenged the power of steel and explored the limits of the material (I also call it Man versus Steel). The iron rods are formed by twisting, winding and bending, hence the name Twisted.

SPACE is a lamp that gives the impression of dividing a room in two. During the day, the lamp enlarges the living space by showing an adjusted reflection of the room on its silver surface. This reflection transforms the light into a kind of replica of its surroundings. It also reflects daylight into the room, illuminating its surroundings. These properties give the lamp the ability to transform and enlarge small spaces.

When it is dark, the user experience changes. When the light is switched on, the silver surface becomes translucent. A new world appears from the mirror, creating a new experience and making the room feel more intimate and cosy.

What else are you working on at the moment?

Before we move on to the music videos... What type(s) of muziek do you listen to yourself?

That is very diverse and depends on the setting. At the workplace, for example, I usually have the radio on during the day and listen to Studio Brussel. If I have to work until late at night, I switch to Techno to keep me going. At home in the evening, I often listen to jazz in the background.

Moving on to... the videos!

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Who is Reinel Bakole?

Miss Blood, originally known as Reinel Bakole, is a Belgo-Congolese artist. Her eclectic music resounds experimental jazz and afro soul melodies. Reinel started her career at an early age when she worked as a contemporary and classical dancer. Later on, her art shifted to a new form; songwriting and singing.

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Who is Maya Mae?

20-year-old singer/songwriter Maya Mae creates a sound that could be described as a fusion of contemporary R&B and Urban-Pop. As she wants to work without any limitations, she experiments with different kind of sub-genres, seeking revival within each project.

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Who is Joya Mooi?

Joya Mooi is a singer with a broad musical knowledge and experience that is characterised by her background as a conservatory-trained musician. The Amsterdam singer is strongly influenced by genres such as jazz, hip-hop and R&B which she fluently combines in her work. With her South African roots, Joya provides insight into the experiences of a new generation from the African diaspora. 

Homegrown x DDW

Homegrown is an interdisciplinary online platform in which live performances are produced in collaboration with local art organisations. Various disciplines such as design, fashion, visual arts and music come together to put the creative spirit of innovative Dutch youth on the map.

DDW and Homegrown collaborated on a video series of 5 videos as part of the successfully completed Voordekunst crowdfunding by Homegrown. Discover all videos: Reinel Bakole and Maya Mae with work by Ward Wijnant, Joya Mooi and Joshua J with works by Hedwich Hooghiemstra, and Nicolas Kanza featuring works of Tim Teven