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DDW Talks & Topics | 24 October

24 October 2021

2 min. to read

Interactive Experiences | photo by Bart Hess
Making your DDW plans for today? Today is the final day of DDW already, so it's your last chance to visit a talk!

DDW Talk: Interactive Experiences

How is technology fueling new forms of design, art, and creativity? As digital technologies continue to advance, design experimentation continues on a big scale. Find out how innovative new design and manufacturing techniques are driving a trend for experience-based artworks, from lighting displays to festival installations. More on this talk

When? Sunday 24 October | 09:30 to 14:00

Where? Canal area, Fifth, NRE Terrein | Gasfabriek 5

Access: € 75 for a regular ticket, € 25 for students 

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