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Mission: Enabling our THRIVING PLANET

12 September 2023

© Strijp-S - Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building - DDW22 -
As of this year, Dutch Design Week (DDW) introduces ten programme narratives that help make the best possible matches between the participating designers and visitors. DDW has established missions and design perspectives as a framework for the programme and activities during the week. The missions are distilled based on what is going on in the design community and within society. We see that designers are increasingly taking on major issues, such as the climate crisis and social inequality.


ecology: climate • water • energy • nature • eco-centred design • biodiversity • flora & fauna
sustainability: biobased building • circularity • plastics • waste • resources • material development
systemic: system change • nitrogen • behavioural change • agriculture • farmland • industry • food systems

For a healthy planet, designs must enhance, or at least not interfere with the natural power of the earth. Below is a selection of the work to be showcased during DDW23. Projects that focus on topics including agriculture, circularity, biobased construction, water, energy, eco-centred design, and material development.

  • Other | Noud Sleumer - Culturalized Windpower
    How can wind turbines become our new national monuments?
  • Strijp-S | Tjeerd Veenhoven - Design Interventions and Boundary Artefacts
    We are flooded and washed away by the inevitable reality that our ecosystem is collapsing. Can we turn that tide?
  • Strijp T+R | Malou van der Veld - Fungal Wars → 
    Fungal wars is a lab based-bloodsport where engineered mycelium species fight for dominance, resources, and territory. Spectators can follow the match and place a bet.

  • Strijp-S | Food Design Lab & Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique - Future Heritage
    Through an immersive scenography the Food Design Lab introduces you to a very local cow: the Vache Nantaise.

  • Station | CreativeNL, ENTRY - Game Changers Asia
    Join the online livestream where designers, innovators, and leaders from the creative industry in Asia and Europe will come together.

  • West | Eleonora Ortolani - Guilty Flavours
    Harnessing microorganisms to re-engineer plastic waste for human consumption.

  • Strijp-S | Studio Synergy and Lilian van Daal - Peltchair → 
    Sit down, relax and power the world of the future.

  • Strijp T+R | Theo Rekelhof - Soil Symphony
    Through the metaphor of broken records stuck on repeat, Soil Symphony lays bare the absurdity of monoculture and its damaging effects on our soil.

  • Klokgebouw | Ramon de Iongh and Romaike Slikker - WasteBase
    WasteBase increases the findability of valuable residual materials, in order to stimulate repurpose.

  • Station | Land-Ally, de Dommel - Will Water Want
    Exploring the will and voice of the river Dommel through a series of objects that engage with the flowing water.