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Dutch Design Week | Day 1

20 October 2023

© Centre - Van Abbe Museum - DDW23 - Almicheal Fraay
Picture This: Saturday 21 October marks the beginning of Dutch Design Week (DDW) 2023. Discover a few of our top picks for the very first day of DDW, so you can strut your stuff fully prepared.

Events happening on 21 October

DDW at Night

Hidden gem

  • Canal area | Koelhuis Eindhoven | Bubble Trouble
    An artistic playground in the former Campina freezer warehouse exploring the illusion of comfort and safety of our constructed realities

Discover the full programme

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Be ahead of the game: get your tickets before your DDW visit. Once that’s sorted, you simply exchange your e-ticket for a DDW wristband and you are more than welcome to all DDW locations.

Landing in the design community

With only one more day until the Dutch Design Awards (DDA) 2023 exhibition opens, we catch up with Cream on Chrome, last year’s winner of both the DDA x EY Award and the award in the category of ‘Young Designer’ during DDA22.

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