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Take a walk along the Avenue of Fresh Perspectives

23 October 2023

© Strijp-S - Klokgebouw - Avenue of Fresh Perspectives - Ineke Hans - Cleo Goossens
The Avenue of Fresh Perspectives: an exploration of the prominent themes of our contemporary era from the perspective of the newest generation of makers.

In the Class of '23 exhibition at the Klokgebouw, eleven distinct academies display their work. Each academy highlights a single project they believe captures the essence of the present times, forming what we call the "Avenue of Fresh Perspectives." Here's a sneak peek at the designers and their creations:

St. Joost - Maud Versluijs - Rebuilding Memories

Maud Versluijs introduces Rebuilding Memories, a unique concept that helps preserve childhood toy memories in interior design. Ready to create your own memory totem?

© Strijp-S - Klokgebouw - Avenue of Fresh Perspectives - Maud Versluijs - Rebuilding Memories - DDW23 - Cleo Goossens

Gerrit Rietveld Academie - Shai Datauker - The Invisibility of Things

Exploring the paradox of objects creating objects at the innovation-production intersection, The Invisibility of Things questions the need for constant production amid boundless innovation.

École Camondo - Léo Achard - Collection Archétype

The Collection Archétype reimagines everyday objects, blending industrial history with artisanal artistry to create evocative, transformative forms. 

Fontys Academy of The Arts - ArtCoDe - Siel Damen - Soelaas Baas

Soelaas Baas safeguards your precious memories on a memory tour, making them everlasting for you and your loved ones. 

Avans university of applied sciences - Master Institute of Visual Cultures - Radu-Mihai Tănasă - What if you embraced your inner stereotype?

A video-art installation delving into Balkan masculinity, using local inspiration and stereotypes. It delves into migrant culture, crucial with Eastern European workers moving to the Netherlands

Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten Den Haag - Anneliese Greve - Tales of Bones and Time

Inspired by archaeologists, treasure hunters, and the Wunderkammer phenomenon, Tales of Bones and Time redefines spatial research. 

© Strijp-S - Klokgebouw - Avenue of Fresh Perspectives - Milo Poelman & TextDavinci-003 - Subjects of Change - DDW23 - Cleo Goossens

Vilnius Academy of Arts - Justina Stipinaité - Form Follows Material

A bony lamp and a quirky rug: undyed wool, lawn-green corduroy micro polyester, and vibrant fluorescent blue and pink faux fur. White tufting enhances their texture, while worm-like fringes evoke a playful, 90s nostalgia.

Willem de Kooning Academy - What Is The Matter?

What Is The Matter? is an experimental research project by Product Design students in collaboration with The Good Plastic Company & Artex. Each of the 30 students approached the project uniquely, offering diverse styles and visions

Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht - Milo Poelman & TextDavinci-003 - Subjects of Change

Synthesize Me is an ongoing project probing our interaction with technology, exploring its life-like aspects. The goal is to foster a dialogue about the significance and consequences of transformative technologies, urging us to establish ethical connections with them.

ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne - Marcus Angerer - Heliox

Explore the Vase Mode's potential, pushing its boundaries to create Heliox, a 3D-printed ABS lighting system.

Artemis Academie - Aïsha Ajubi - Hope for the Middle-East

The Hope for the Middle-East project by Ghost Gallery and Islamic Relief Worldwide unites creative professionals in the immersive metaverse. It showcases the Middle East's resilience and beauty, highlighting a region marked by conflict.