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nomad fuels curiosity with stories, visuals, and insights. Fostering design and creativity, it urges readers to embrace new experiences and broaden horizons for a connected, curious life.


The partnership between nomad and Dutch Design Week brings together two creative powerhouses. By uniting with this prominent Dutch highlight, nomad taps into a global community of design enthusiasts and professionals. This collaboration includes curated content, illuminating interviews and trend analysis, and offers readers unparalleled insights into the forefront of design. The partnership cultivates networking prospects, drives event engagement, and amplifies brand recognition for both parties. Since 2021, nomad has not only elevated Dutch Design Week's impact but has also solidified its own status as a go-to hub for cutting-edge design narratives and industry innovations around the globe.

The Magazine for New Design Culture, Creative Visionaries, Eco Entrepreneurs & Purpose Driven Economy

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nomad is a magazine that promotes issues relating to quality of life, sustainability and society by curating the ideas of a growing global creative community. Inspired by the forward thinking approaches of creative visionaries, eco-pioneers, artists, authors, architects, entrepreneurs and designers worldwide, nomad magazine seeks out new perspectives to shape our local and global life towards a valuable future.

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