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As a progressive media organisation, VPRO is keen to contribute to the agenda of the future. Inspirational. Activating. Sometimes humorous. Brain food for anyone curious and open to exciting experiences. That may well go against your own point of view. It is precisely where things squeak and creak that you often discover a surprising new perspective.

The VPRO offers a platform to pioneers whose innovative ideas put a positive spin on the world of tomorrow. That is why the VPRO is media partner of DDW, with the program: The World of Dutch Design on NPO 2, with online reports and in the VPRO Guide.

The VPRO tickles your brain with original stories. Stories that touch your emotions and enrich your world with a different point of view. Good for a fresh outlook and the occasional giggle.

Brain food

Are you open to surprising experiences, different perspectives, new insights and the occasional good joke? Then you probably look for it off rather than on the beaten track. That's where you will find VPRO with original stories for anyone who wants to give content, depth, colour and direction to their lives. With sound and vision, VPRO challenges you with a tantalising dose of brain food that gets your heart beating. Analogue, online and on demand.

Perspective on the world

The VPRO offers an insight into what is going on in the world through radio and TV programmes such as Bureau Buitenland, Nooit meer slapen, VPRO Backlight, The Evening Show with Arjen Lubach, travel series such as Onze man bij de Taliban and Langs de nieuwe zijderoute, and podcasts such as Deventer media case or The Plantation of Our Ancestors. The VPRO aims to constantly enrich its range of media with new perspectives and often does so in cooperation with various organisations in the creative sector. 

Innovation is in our DNA

So there is room at VPRO for unorthodox ideas from creative pioneers who experiment with innovative concepts and narrative forms on all platforms, challenged by the ever-changing shape of media. With the help of the innovation & digital media department and its own media lab, VPRO embraces the latest developments and technologies, which then find their way into its programming. From an AI song contest to The Cycle Club, a 28-day hormone safari on Telegram.

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