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This project was part of DDW 2023
OLEGI, collection — © Studio Nicky Vollebregt

OLEGI is the next chapter in the HIGHLIGHT series: sculptural objects made of handwoven, textural textiles that play with colour, light and perspective. This imperfect material tells the story of a curiosity driven making process and an ever evolving interaction between maker and technique.

In a quick glance, a shifting, seemingly pixelated image strikes the eye. A glistening and bright object contorts its own silhouette. Watch from up close and discover a dynamic and high contrast surface in which bold and shimmering colours stand out against the soft structure made of cotton thread.

The OLEGI collection embodies the blown up version of the original HIGHLIGHT series through new forms with exaggerated shapes and stretched out proportions. With their plump body and bold and contrasting surface, the objects gain a creature-like appearance reminiscent of sea anemones on the ocean floor, where the lack of light and the movement of water distorts the view and morphs their silhouettes.

Crafts techniques and experiment

At the heart of the HIGHLIGHT series lies a passion for process, experiment and craft. The handweaving loom provides a framework and environment which can be easily controlled and modified. The HIGHLIGHT textiles are the result of a process of examining the loom’s limits and possibilities. Studying colour, contrast and light interaction, the textiles are carefully woven together in a rhythmic, manual process.

The woven textiles are then manipulated by hand, playing with pleats and perspective, emphasizing their visual effects. The OLEGI sculptures come together by carefully pinching the sheets of fabric, draping the textiles around a light structure of metal wiring. The vessel-like shapes create movement, depth and dimension. The sculptures reveal their imperfect surface and their handmade nature from up close, while from afar, a slightly morphing and glitching visual effect appears that can be reminiscent of a rendered image.

OLEGI, detail — © Studio Nicky Vollebregt

OLEGI process: the HIGHLIGHT textile — © Studio Nicky Vollebregt

OLEGI process: weaving the textile by hand — © Studio Nicky Vollebregt

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