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(Archive) A Scandinavian Tale of 1001 Nights

High-end interior textile designs inspired by a contrasting life story from Bagdad, via Amman, Stockholm and Paris to Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

This project was part of DDW 2023
Tapestry Galaxy Purple — © Serge Hagemeier

The high-end segment project reflects elements from the regions where Hala studied, worked, and lived. It features minimized oriental patterns, modern textile design techniques, a sophisticated palette of colors and materials, and a focus on inclusiveness, wellbeing, and absorbing sound.

Tapestry Galaxy Purple

The Tapestry "Galaxy Purple" is a remarkable piece of art inspired by Hala's experiences in Sweden, where the colourful skies in the night and the countless stars sparked her creative vision.

This tapestry is a part of the fascinating "A Scandinavian Tale 1001 Nights" collection, seamlessly blending elements from her birth country, Iraq, and Scandinavia, where she lived 9 years.

To contemporize Islamic art and infuse it with a Scandinavian touch, Hala chose the colour purple for the tapestry that is visible in the Nordic Light. To add a touch of richness, and to reflect the glistening stars, she incorporates a pattern using a subtle sparkle of gold, resulting in a design that resonates with both heritage and modern sensibilities.

Hala collaborated with the Textielmuseum to bring her vision to life and personally completed the hand-finishing of the piece.

The ‘MESSMERISING’-stage of Dutch Design Week 2023 offers an opportunity for art enthusiasts and design admirers to appreciate the unique blend of Islamic patterns, Scandinavian inspiration, and Hala's artistic vision in this visually stunning tapestry.

Infinity Sky

The "Infinity Sky" double sided 3D woven room divider/wall hanging, is a superb textile masterpiece, created by textile designer Hala Yousif in cooperation with the Textielmuseum Tilburg.

It takes inspiration from a beautiful fusion of contrasting feelings and cultural references, reflecting Hala's deep connection to her birth country, Iraq, and her experiences living in Sweden.

The design blends elements of an infinite Islamic geometric pattern with the crystal-clear blue Swedish sky. This experience aims to evoke a sense of nostalgia, cultural heritage, and the beauty found in contrasting elements.

The chosen material for this artwork is merino wool, viscose and filling. It is designed with a 3D effect to get a beautiful effect and to realize sound absorbing properties.

It is designed to be double-sided, allowing the functional use to flexibly separate spaces in offices, hotels or residences.

Nordic Elegance cape / bedspread

“Nordic Elegance” is a double-sided bedspread / cape that is part of the collection “A Scandinavian Tale of 1001 Nights”. It is inspired by both the Swedish white landscape and Hala’s cultural heritage. “Nordic Elegance” is created from natural materials cotton and wool to honor the Swedish tradition, craftmanship and elegance. The cape/bedspread is realized in cooperation with the renowned Textielmuseum Tilburg.

The collection “A Scandinavian Tale of 1001 Nights” is a testament of Hala’s ability to blend seamlessly contrasting cultural influences in unique textile designs.

Infinity Sky — © Hala Yousif

Nordic Elegance — © Hala Yousif

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