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Class of 23

(Archive) ECAL Class of 23

ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne presents a curated selection of diploma projects by Industrial Design BA and Product Design MA students.

This project was part of DDW 2023

Self-initiated projects by 3rd year Industrial Design BA students under the guidance of Stéphane Halmaï-Voisard, Carolien Niebling and Christian Spiess and by 2nd year Product Design MA students led by Camille Blin and Augustin Scott de Martinville.

Projects by Industrial Design BA students

Vue d’en Haut by Léonie Sammons
Low to medium altitude resorts have closed due to climate change. About 180 resorts in France alone, leaving abandoned infrastructures. Vue d'en Haut transforms the pylons into perched refuges.

Spirulicious by Annick Persechini
Spirulicious aims to promote spirulina based products by proposing innovative alternatives for its consumption.

Gynecare by Lirjeta Maxhuni
Gynecare is an innovative gynecological outfit that aims to protect and provide people with greater safety and reduced vulnerability during medical exams.

Pierre by Guillaume Gindrat
In a context of energy crisis and a generalized awareness of the finiteness of available resources, Pierre offers a compact heating alternative.

Made in Sierra Leone by Jade Eymann
This project consists in organizing creative workshops for children in a school located in an economically and geographically vulnerable area.

Personenwagen 6+2 by Bruno Pauli Caldas
An electric taxi specifically designed for short trips within urban areas, with an emphasis on local production.

Projects by Product Design MA students

Layer by Marcus Anger
Layer investigates the potential of the "Vase Mode", a setting in 3D printing that promises fast and impeccable outcomes, yet concurrently presents a distinct set of challenges.

Kouéno by Lucas Hosteing
Slabwood is a sawmill off-cut obtained from a log that has been cut. These offcuts are generally destined to be crushed or burnt. Going against the tradition of working with "perfect" wood, Kouéno adds value and bring slabwood in a new context.

CampĂ  by Luca Vernieri
CampĂ  is a collection of decorated ceramic objects. Building upon tradition, the handdecorated drawings undergo a complete transformation as they narrate stories of everyday contemporary life.

Coalesce by Luis Rodriguez
Coalesce is a design research that explores the use of AI to create a gender-fluid design language.

Re-Club by Yohanna Rieckhoff
Kid’s feet grow quickly: about one size every six months. In this context, Re-Club is an everyday unisex shoe for children aged 1 to 6 that is built to be easily disassembled allowing recycling and extend its life cycle.

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Class of 23

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Andere deelnemers

Class of 23