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Cringe or Cool?

Weapons of Mass Seduction

Embrace the cringeworthy element of gaming display

Love Flail - 3D Design by Anton Ripon ®

Imagine you are about to hit third base with your date, they walk you through the corridor of their shared apartment and…surprise! An epic prop wall with carefully refined videogame weapons hanging on it stands in front of your eyes. Are you cringed or are you amazed? Do you leave or do you stay?

Many passionate people do not play video games just to kill some time but have a fully rounded passion and the collection of gaming props can be one distinctive and intriguing part of this pastime.

Weapon props have a cringe yet exciting cool factor. What is creepier than the fetishisation of devices that have one purpose: murder? And is not it even weirder to think that adults would dedicate their intimate spaces to cultivate a temple of gaming build upon those gadgets?

A full-fledged geek is proud to share the fruits of their labour with the world after spending countless hours collecting or even designing props, taking their enthusiasm for virtual weapons to a whole new level of obsession.

About Elena Zaghis & Orestis Telemachou

Elena is a Millennial proselyte of the gaming age, deconstructing gamification mechanics, interspecies entanglements and non-human narratives.

Orestis is a multi-disciplinary visual artist from Cyprus, His practice revolves around notions of time, home, memory and fiction.