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Cringe or Cool?

A Cringe a Day Keeps Platform Capitalism Away

The cringe calendar is designed for those who are chronically online, making their stomachs churn and eyes squint.

Ieva Valule

Instagram is fun, but the pendulum is seemingly shifting away from posting on the grid.

The Only Way Forward

Before we get hooked on the next platform serving it better, it's time to look back. Like when people would earnestly poll their followers whether they should cut bangs or not? Or that urge to post a no-makeup selfie yet boldly acknowledge that you're not wearing any makeup.

The success of this calendar is measured by how difficult it is for the participant to get through the daily cringe-posting tips. I assure you that after the last tip of this calendar, platform capitalism will feel a lot more meaningless. This calendar can be an excellent gift to those chronically online struggling to know where to go next. Because sometimes, the only way forward is to look back and cringe.

About Ieva Valule

Ieva Value is a seasoned designer specializing in the intersection of technology, media, and human experience. Ieva prompts us to reflect on the evolving narrative that binds us in an intricate digital tapestry.