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Interwoven: LUCA meets LUCA


What if products are shaped by nature?

My research has led to designs that represent the combination between human creativity and nature with its unique structures. In this development, I show the growth from beginning to ends of a structure, but in the form of a piece of furniture.


In the purity of nature, we find a wealth of interesting biodiversity and ecosystems that continue to amaze and inspire us. What if we could embrace these wonders of nature and let them serve as the design inspiration behind our products? This question is the basis behind my research into the infinite possibilities of naturally inspired design.

Inspired by the fascinating structures in nature, such as bones, trees, plants and animals, I was guided by the future vision "What if nature could shape our products?" During extensive research into the unique shapes, textures and structures in nature, I was inspired by.

My goal was to push the boundaries of traditional product design and create an interaction between human creativity and the infinite possibilities of nature. I experimented with different techniques, such as sketching, prototyping and material research, to bring new designs to life.

Nature and me

The subject of nature fascinates me greatly because I see many similarities in it with my own life and personality. As a person, I am calm and reliable, always ready to help others and offer support. I believe that nature itself exhibits similar traits. Nature is an infinite source of inspiration that I can strongly relate to. Its beauty, organic forms and ability to renew and grow reflect my own creative process. I see my designs as a reflection of this natural harmony, seeking to capture the essence of the natural world and translate it into tangible designs.


The result of my research are designs that explore the relationship between human creativity and the unique patterns and structures found in nature. My research has resulted in designs that are the combination between human creativity and nature. In this development, I show the growth from beginnings to ends of a structure, but in the form of a piece of furniture.

With this process, I want to show what it would be like if in the future, with advanced technology, we were able to make this a reality.

Let's explore together, inspired by the beauty of nature and driven by the desire to innovate design. Let's push the boundaries, embrace the potential of nature, and create a sustainable and inspiring future for design.

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About Aitor Christiaans

Aitor Christiaans is a Belgian product designer, born and raised in Hasselt.

As a product designer, Aitor is always looking for inspiration from different sources to improve and innovate his designs.