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Interwoven: LUCA meets LUCA


A life project where the shadow is questioned in diverse ways. To understand the shadow, but also time.

Schaduwdagboek — © Renieke Meyfroot

Renieke Meyfroot goes looking for her fascination of the shadow. Through the shadow she is going to behold. She tries to question him, to understand him in his formality, mobility, temporality and its meaning. It is a search for time that she can not grasp and understand.

Shadow questions

Shadow questions is a project where there is questions about shadows. By asking these questions, different things come up. Who ensured that the project was continued. For example, the Shadow Questions project brought two phasing together. Shadow and textile work together and bring you a game of movement and questions with view. Who again raises questions and will answer questions. It is a never finite game that has only more clarity through time. Because through time everything will change and move without standing still. In the Shadow Questions project an attempt is made to record these aspects of time. To be able to fix a glimpse of time in time. To question and investigate him.

About Renieke Meyfroot

Renieke Meyfroot has been fascinated by textile since she was small. This has further developed into projects where she is researching textiles and handicraft. Throughout her life a second fascination has come, shadows. Which currently have become a great source of inspiration for her.
Schaduwweefsel — © Renieke Meyfroot