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Dwelling, 2023

Naomi Pols combines the memories of camping from her childhood and the textile traditions of nomads, with the tent as beacon in the landscape. To Dwell mainly consists of woven structures and images, with attention for tactility. The works are made from natural raw materials, overstock and waste.

Lyrical Desire

The places where we get lost are the same places in which we can truly find ourselves. To be somewhere, dwell, as an act in itself, is the most rewarding thing. For Naomi Pols, camping triggers these emotions. It is a lyrical desire for a mobile lifestyle, while living in a sedentary society, dominated by white men. Naomi questions whether humans are made for this sedentary lifestyle, since we all share the heritage of nomads. However, because of overpopulation, overgrazing and many political interferences, not only will her desire never become reality, it also endangers the existing nomad culture today. Therefore the nomads and their textile traditions are at a tipping point.

About Naomi Pols

Naomi Pols (1998) graduated from LUCA School of Arts this year. She obtained a master's degree in visual arts with a specialization in textile design. As a maker, she is interested in materiality, craft techniques, sustainability and is fascinated by nature.

Gathering, 2023

2002, 2023