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(Archive) Planter tiles

Bio-receptivity research

This project was part of DDW 2023
Mock up axonometric — © IOUS Studio

Planter tiles explores the integration of 3D printing technology and natural organisms, specifically mosses, to design and construct bioreceptive tiles. Seeking to enhance bioreceptivity and foster the development of performative architectures that offer ecological benefits and aesthetic value.

Natural organisms

Combining the advantageous properties of moss with the unique
characteristics of clay forms a powerful synergy for sustainable
Its resilient nature allows it to thrive in diverse climates around
the world, showcasing its global reach. With low maintenance
requirements, moss stands as an economical choice for landscaping
and ecological restoration projects. Beyond its ornamental value,
moss serves as a pollution filter, adept at bio-mineralization and
capable of filtering carbon emissions from the air. Its unique ability
to absorb nanoplastics contributes to cleaner water systems.
Furthermore, moss acts as a moisture concentration marvel while
also functioning as a cooling agent and sound buffer. As a sound
buffer, moss absorbs ambient noise, creating tranquil environments
and underscoring its multifaceted role in ecosystems worldwide.
This unassuming organism encapsulates a range of extraordinary
capabilities that significantly benefit both the environment and
human well-being.

Mock up view — © IOUS Studio

Mock up zoom — © IOUS Studio

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