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(Archive) Contemporary Findings

Selection of objects that humorously criticize the local history, with the use of ancient techniques and symbolism for a contemporary discussion.

This project was part of DDW 2023
Contemporary Findings by SALT — © GRAYSC

The project brings together limited editions that demonstrate the mindset of the creators Shay Alfia and Tomer Natanel Levy.
The artists correspond in their work with ancient crafts, iconography, and architecture, and an extensive complex history that is woven into their origin.

Narcissus vases & Stains of reflection

Inspired by the way light moves between reflective materials and principles she discovered in her optical research, this series of vases by Shay Alfia creates an aesthetic that dynamically evolves with each glance from the viewer unveiling concealed elements within their structure.

Shay's body of work deals with how we perceive reality and quotes symbols from the history of art into the "self era" of today.
The reflective stains become abstract paintings and serve as real-time documents of their surroundings.

The Ghosts of Queen Anne

Thin metal sheets turn into sculptural objects in a provocative
experiments that create a spatial waving presence, and pay tribute to the "first minimalism style", when British carpenters started to strip off the carved ornaments from the Cabriole legs.

JAFFA collection

Inspired by the bold architectural element of his hometown, Tomer Netanel Levy developed a diverse series of objects that embrace the equivalent arch.
The material transformation to metals turns the ancient technological breakthrough from constructive to decorative and conveys the current mindset of the city with its extensive history.

Narcissus vases by Shay Alfia

The Ghosts Of Queen Anne by Tomer Netanel Levy — © Guy Rashkovan

Jaffa Table by Tomer Netanel Levy — © Amit Ofek

Stains of reflection by Shay Alfia — © GRAYSC

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