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German Design Graduates


Sex toy set for self-insemination

Juliane Kühr

“Vruit” is a sex toy set for self-insemination that offers an alternative to clinical insemination by medical professionals. The use of Vruit allows for a sensual and relaxed choreography for all involved, from sperm donation to the actual insemination.

Addressing Reproductive Equality

"Vruit" is for everyone, but plays a particularly important role for queer people and singles. Although there are no bans on artificial insemination for queers or singles, the decision often rests with reproductive health professionals. Some fertility clinics therefore refuse to treat queer and single people. In addition, queer and single people are financially disadvantaged when it comes to medically assisted reproduction, as the public health insurances do not cover the high costs and there is a lack of further financial support.

Fullfilling Unmet Needs

For these reasons, many queer and single people resort to self-insemination without medical assistance. This allows them to be independent and self-determined and to involve partners. But there are hardly any products that have been developed for self-insemination. The few products that do exist have not been visually adapted and appear clinical and sterile. Therefore, people often resort to do-it-yourself instructions and misuse products.

Since sperm banks are only allowed to supply medical institutions due to legal restrictions, private sperm donations are used for self-insemination. Due to the sensitivity of the ejaculate and the lack of specialised products, insemination after sperm donation must be carried out very quickly with the available equipment in order to avoid possible quality impairments. This makes it difficult to have a relaxed and sensual experience.

Empowering Reproductive Autonomy

"Vruit" responds to this problem by involving all parties involved in self-insemination and family formation, optimising the process and offering a comprehensive, sensual experience for sperm donation and the actual insemination. Vruit also provides information about the physical and legal aspects of self-insemination in the enclosed information material.

"Vruit" enables people to start families in a self-determined way and to exercise their reproductive rights. It contributes to the diversity of family models and promotes an inclusive and just society.

About Juliane Kühr

Juliane Kühr is a product designer whose focus is on social design, especially gender design. Her design approach consists of including a variety of perspectives in the design process and critically questioning existing norms. In doing so, it is essential for her to develop future-oriented concepts.

Juliane Kühr

Juliane Kühr