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Class of 23

(Archive) Class of 23: Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht

Nine HKU alumni will show their graduation work during Dutch Design Week in the exhibition called 'Subjects of Change'.

This project was part of DDW 2023
HKU Fashion Design — © Joëlle Wagteveld & Marleen van Eerden

The exhibition uses crafts like graphic design, spatial design, fashion design, photography, illustration and the so called 'crossovers' to explore the current transformations and how these will affect and change our ways of living.

The exhibition 'Subjects of Change. Embracing Transformation in a Dynamic World'

This expo invites you to think about the impact of change; on individuals, communities, and society as a whole. Change can challenge us and transform us. We dare you to investigate the beauty of change and open up to new ideas, from a willingness to grow. Because change is inevitable, but its exact impact depends on our attitude.

Graduation work

Synthesize Me is a research-based project about the autonomous synthetic systems that roam between non-physical digital spaces and their hardware.

'Blueprinting Museum 2.0' leads you through a journey full of speculation, in which eight young creatives share their vision of a virtual museum.

Illustrations can make others aware of their environment and draw attention to places, people and things that we tend to overlook.

The installation Lost in Translation is based on scientific research into the influence of nature on the human body and brain.

The design 'Power of Wonder in Youth Care' shows that the daily erratic reality in the living environment of a family in youth care is the opposite of the apparently clear, manageable and manageable reality of aid organizations.

Art installation 'Rooted' with the associated 'feeling cards' is an intervention that reduces stress in the healthcare waiting room.

A conversation piece about slavery has been created through textile processing, with the aim of being able to visualize and connect.

HKU Master Crossover Creativity — © Aniek van den Berg & Adinda De Kousemaeker

HKU Spatial Design — © Juna Miedema

HKU Graphic Design — © Lotte Cornelissens

HKU Photography — © Milo Poelman

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Class of 23

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Andere deelnemers

Class of 23