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Class of 23

(Archive) Class of 23: Royal Academy of Art The Hague

Six selected young designers of the Masters Interior Architecture and Industrial Design present their graduation works.

This project was part of DDW 2023
W.I.P.: Windmill in Play by Taiyi Yu — © Giulia Menicucci

Six selected graduation works that explore the boundaries of spatial and industrial design. Questioning the conventions of their field, reimagining their role as designers and redesigning their practices.

Master Interior Architecture (INSIDE)

Anneliese Greve - Tales of Bones and Time

Tales of Bones and Time by Anneliese Greve is a spatial proposal for a narrated beachcombing experience at the Zandmotor. Inspired by the procedure of archaeologists, treasure hunters, and the historic phenomena of the ‘Wunderkammer’ the research project provides ‘splinters of insights’ that spark wonder, and inform about the hidden qualities of the site. 

Julianna Gräf - Belonging with Belongings

Belonging with belongings by Julianna Gräf is a (re)search for connections to the things that surround us on a daily basis. Focussing on the invisible part - The memories hidden within the objects were discovered in a collective process called ‚everyday archaeology‘, becoming material, becoming space.   

Charlotte Skye Savine - Crafting Space

Crafting Space by Charlotte Skye Savine is an exploration of how craft heritage becomes space by approaching the spatial practise as a craft through the intuitive process of making.
It reintroduces the characteristic of craft as carrier of culture and knowledge and the close connection between maker and material into architecture. 

Master Industrial Design

Yotam Sion - Bits to Pieces

Bits to Pieces by Yotam Sion is a speculative system that measures and converts natural decay processes and implies them on digital files, 
making them smaller in size and ultimately impermanent, thus creating a process of digital decay. 

Loena Visser - Friction Factory: Draining Desire

Friction Factory: Draining Desire by Loena Visser is an installation that explores the conflicting interplay between beauty standards and their invisible toxicity. It aims to hold up a mirror – quite literally – to confront consumers, cosmetic companies, and designers with socially constructed and industrially enforced frictions.

Taiyi Yu - W.I.P.: Windmill in Play

W.I.P.: Windmill In Play by Taiyi Yu is a windmill constructed in response to the predominant mechanistic worldview, encouraging a revisiting of our relationships with the natural world.

Crafting Space by Charlotte Skye Savine — © Giulia Menicucci

Bits to Pieces by Yotam Sion — © Yotam Sion

Friction Factory: Draining Desire by Loena Visser — © Loena Visser

Belonging with Belongings by Julianna Gräf — © Julianna Gräf

Andere deelnemers

Class of 23

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Andere deelnemers

Class of 23