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How we value Time is underlying of our current ecological crisis. Time is valued as money and therefore we want things realized quickly. If we perceive Time in a different perspective, we give nature and ourselves the Time for different perspectives to arise.

Forgetting our clock time

The belief that time is money is deeply rooted in our current society. Nienke Hoogvliet and Tim Jongerius think that this belief underlies the current ecological crisis. If we took more time for design and production, products would be better thought through and therefore last longer and waste fewer raw materials.

In our current society we seem to live mainly in 'Chronos' time. The Greek god Chronos stands for measurable time and continuity: an experience of time based on the clock. But the Greeks had another god of time: Kairos, the god of the right moment. Peace, attention and care create the opportunity to seize this moment. New ideas and discoveries can arise in a Kairos moment. Through alertness, creativity and amazement, possibilities can be devised in the moment that contribute to a better future.

In the interactive installation 'Kairos', the visitor is invited to forget about clock time and give space to the moment.

About Nienke Hoogvliet + Tim Jongerius

Studio Nienke Hoogvliet is a design studio for material research, experimental and conceptual design run by Nienke Hoogvliet + Tim Jongerius. They use design as a tool to shape holistic perspectives.