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Abel's artistic journey led to a new exploration that started in 2012 where he gave life to his first canvas dyed with the residues of the coffee he consumed; and ashes. This act became a gradual symphony of layers and tones, where the coffee was incorporated, forming a chromatic choreography.

The connection to the "Symbiocene" is revealed here in his creative process. In each layer of coffee, in each application, there is a dialogue with nature, with an element that comes from the earth and human interaction. As in the "Symbiocene" where active collaboration with nature seeks to regenerate and restore, Adrián embarks on a journey of discovery and study. The decision to stop and observe the transformation and conservation process echoes the necessary reflection in the "Symbiocene" era. The pause reveals a search for harmony and balance, an attempt to understand the interaction between his work and the natural elements that compose it. From the blank canvas through the meticulous drops that reflect an intimate connection and the artist's insight.

The Caf├ę's process, in its gradualness and exploration, reflects the vision of an artist seeking a symbiotic relationship with his creative environment, a collaboration and interdependence, values that resonate with the "Symbiocene." As Adri├ín perfected his technique, he added ash to the mix to enhance the darker tones. When burned, these sources reflect the fragility of the environment, combined with global warming and the fleeting nature of our passage through time. Thus, his work calls for reflection and collaboration with the natural world.

About Abel Adrián

From Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, Abel Adrián's work displays a wide range of colors, textures,
and elements, strongly influenced by psychology and expression.